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Very chic and luxurious. I was in the smallest room (No 54) but it was beautifully appointed. Had a lovely sauna and steam. Also enjoyed a delicious coffee in the chic outside garden which has masses of candles to give a wonderful night ambiance. Guest from UK, on 01.04.11

“A jewel”

The breakfast room ceiling rolls back to reveal the sky on a sunny day. The staff are exceptionally welcoming and give the impression that they are genuinely pleased to have you. The breakfast buffet (€27) might seem expensive but the quality is high. Guest from UK, on 17.05.11

“Will definitely come back”

It’s a really beautiful hotel. The rooms are a good size, the bathroom great, service wonderful and the people were great. The area was also very nice with restaurants and night life. Wish we had stayed longer! Guest from Australia, on 04.05.11

“Beautiful and luxurious”

Everything was of the highest quality. Staff are excellent, professional but at the same time 'real'. I appreciated little touches such as the weather forecast left on the bed each evening and the essential oil to promote a good night's sleep, Guest from UK, on 04.06.11

“Comfortably chic”

Chic, trendy, very well decorated, comfortable and homey. Service is attentive and personalized. Enjoyed the convenience and relative calm of the neighborhood - all you need when you walk out on the street without all the hustle and bustle. Guest from China, on 24.05.11

“Absolutely Perfect”

We like to see a city on foot so were happy with the position. Have stayed in a lot of 5* hotels, this was just as good as any. Spotlessly clean, wonderful staff, spacious (for Paris!) and just so gorgeous to look at! Well worth the money spent. Guest from Australia, on 08.06.11